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    Earthy Tones Single Dohar-Brown
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    Spaces Cambric Dohar Single Reversible Floral Pink
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    Spaces Cambric Dohar Single Reversible Ornate Brown
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    Spaces Cambric Dohar Single Reversible Ornate Mauve
    ₹1599 1999 20% off

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    Spaces Cambric Dohar Single Reversible Floral Brown
    ₹1599 1999 20% off

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    Spaces Cambric Dohar Single Reversible Ornate Brown
    ₹1599 1999 20% off

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    Buy Dohars Online at

    Turn your bedroom into a corner of revelation and indulgence with soft-as-fur cotton SPACES dohars. Before you delve deep into the world of dohars you can find online, let us tell you what is a dohar.

    What is a dohar?

    Dohars or Quilts are made of three dense layers, a layer of filling material (mostly cotton or wool) between a top and bottom layer made with various patches of cloth stitched together. These patches have vibrant colours and multiple patterns that make up a beautiful ensemble when put together. Although you can buy dohars online, some families traditionally stitch them at home to commemorate a special occasion.

    How is dohar made?

    Dohar blankets are made differently as compared to other quilts and pullovers. Dohars are manufactured with a triple layering of muslin cotton. The first and third layers are block-printed personally by hand. Dohars are a good choice in the cold weather because the muslin cotton fabric prevents the cold from entering and ensure your body stays warm and your sleep is undisturbed. Given the three layers, they are thick to use,ensuring you are comfortable under a dohar for long periods. Dohars are made in multiple sizes such as single dohar and double dohar, depending on the size you need.

    What is dohar used for?

    In essence, all dohars are blankets, but all blankets are not dohars. Dohars are used to protect yourself from the harsh cold during the winter season. They are made in a way that they keep you comfortable through the night or whenever you use them even during the day.

    Types of dohars

    SPACES offers two types of dohars:

    Single Dohar

    - Single dohars are meant for single beds and are the perfect size for one person to use.

    Double Dohar

    - Double dohars are meant for double beds and are perfect size for two people to use.

    What is the difference between dohar and comforter?

    A comforter is made of a thick layer of wadding, much like a dohar. However, the only difference lies in the padding. While a dohar is padded with cotton layers and warm covers, a comforter gets filled with wool, feathers, and certain silk-based materials.

    What should you keep in mind while buying dohar online?

    While doing your research of dohars online, there are several details that you must be aware of before taking the dohar blanket buying decision.A few important things to keep in mind are listed below:

    1. 1. When you buy a dohar online, ensure that you check the product description section in detail. It is a must to do as it gives you all the required information regarding the dohar, the fibre used and the cotton content.
    2. 2. Dohars are manufactured in a variety of sizes. You have single dohars which are usually 150 x 224 cm in size. These are enough for one person. While the double-sized dohars are much larger 224 x 254 cm in size,they should accommodate two people with ease.
    3. 3. From an aesthetic point of view, the colour of dohars plays a significant role in determining your bedroom’s design and ambience. At SPACES, we are aware that there might be a slight difference between the colours you see online and the actual dohar you order. In such situations, you should be able to return or exchange the dohar without any problems using our swift and easy return policy.

    What are the specifications of the Dohar that you can buy at SPACES?

    At SPACES, you can choose the dohar of your choice based on price, size and patterns. The dohars are priced anything between INR 1299 and INR 2999. They come in both sizes, single dohar and double dohar. We design our Dohar’s based on four different styles.Those patterns include geometric designs, floral designs, abstract designs and kids designs.

    Shop by pattern

    Fan of modern asymmetrical designs? Traditional designs take your fancy? Love playing mix-and-match with patterns for your bed linens? There are all kinds of designs and patterns available at SPACES. The wide variety caters to different personal preferences and themes so you can be assured that you will always find a beautiful dohar on SPACES to adorn your bed. Shop for Floral Dohars, Geometric Pattern Dohars and exclusive Kids Dohars at SPACES.

    Dohar for you

    SPACES dohars help you soak away all the tiredness and rejuvenate the mind and body for a fresh start the next day. Because when you buy dohars online, there’s only one thing that matters – comfort. That’s why all our dohars are incredibly soft and cosy to give you and your loved ones a comfortable night’s sleep. Apart from offering you comfort; our dohar blankets also give your room an instant makeover. They are crafted from different fabrics, weaves, and textures. You’ll definitely find something that suits your style and existing décor. From bright and beautiful colour schemes to neutral pastel shades, from traditional floral hues and patterns to contemporary stripes and geometric designs, from single and double bed sheets to king size bed sheets, has the right fit for all your requirements and choices.

    Dohar for Kids

    For active kids, a good night's rest is an essential part of the routine. How do we ensure that? With unpredictable lifestyles being common in metros, you must set a fixed time when your children should go to bed. It takes incredible patience but it will only work out if you figure out your child's sleep pattern and accordingly set a bedtime for them. Change their comforters and blankets if the seasonal temperatures in your city change drastically. You can also clean up your ancestral dohar for winters- nothing better than the love and warmth of your family to give them a good sleep.

    Dohar for your Family

    True happiness is when a loving family stays together and has a warm dohar to snuggle in. Nothing feels better than to curl up together as a family. The idea of many loved ones sharing a bed each night epitomizes the beauty of the parent-child bond. But for some, the struggle to get some shut-eye each night while dealing with nightmares, shifting beds, bathroom breaks, anxiety and nursing needs can be an uphill battle. It is imperative to choose well when buying blankets, cotton dohars, double bed dohar and quilts online. Transform your bedroom into a luxurious cocoon for your family with comfortable single bed dohar and cotton dohars online.

    A Perfect Bed Accessory

    We’ve often come across different terminologies for blankets that cover us at night and shield us from the cold. When buying blankets online, we get confused while choosing which blanket will be best for the weather, which one will be appropriate in size, which one will best match the bedding and bed linen and which blanket can be maintained well for long. Even if the purpose of these blankets is the same, we need to know the difference between their fabric, qualities, stitch, size and composition to make the most of these. Once you decide, make sure to read up an article about taking care of blankets, online. offers a wide range of premium bed linen based on an understanding of the different tastes and preferences of people. Choose your pick from our collection of fabulous florals, soothing solids, and contemporary geometric patterns. The bed can be flattered and flaunted with many styles, colours and sizes. When you buy Indian dohar online at, you can be sure of the quality. offers quilts and blankets made of premium quality cotton, which is breathable, and the dyes used in our bed linen are AZO free, making them safe for even the most sensitive skin. You can be assured and choose from a wide variety of colours, from striking bold shades to soothing pastels, and from unlimited designs, ethnic as well as contemporary. To help you buy dohars in India, we have a dedicated section at website. So, you can find your favourite colours, designs that appeal to your family or the kind of bed linen that makes you and your family feel the most comfortable.

    Decorate your bedroom with beautiful dohar from SPACES

    Buying blankets is a great way to decorate your bedroom. It is imperative you choose the right kind of dohar which might be a slightly challenging task. Why so? At SPACES, we ensure that you are spoilt for choice. There are multiple options that you can choose from. The dohars that we sell on SPACES are versatile are simple to maintain, making it a no brainer.

    Get top quality Dohar blankets at SPACES

    Decorate your bedroom with panache and style by buying dohars at SPACES. It’s time to spruce up your bedroom by making subtle changes to your bed linen and blankets.All you need to do is purchase a dohar bed sheet at SPACES. We supply top quality dohars which are certainly going to improve the aesthetics of your bedroom and also ensure that you have a good quality sleep every night.

    Why choose SPACES?

    SPACES offer an extensive list of bed and bath linen options that enable you to add comfort and convenience to your everyday life. Find the latest trends and exclusive designs available only at Additionally, to make shopping online simpler, we, at SPACES, provide filters that let you narrow down your search by fabric, size, style, price, colour, pattern, and more. So, whether you’re purchasing blankets, quilts, dohars, comforters, bath linen, towels, bath mats, bathrobes, pillow covers or bed sheets online - is the right place to be. Buying dohar online at will help you make the right choice for your home because you can narrow down your search according to your needs and preferences, by adding filters such as size, price, colour, pattern and fabric. The dohar in India are available in a wide range of colours such as bright green, neutral white and soothing pastel blue. The patterns have been chosen with an understanding of the tastes of people from all age groups – single bed dohar for kids and double bed dohars for adults. So, you will find dohars of premium quality material sporting patterns sporting ethnic and contemporary prints for your room as well digitally printed Disney and Marvel animated characters for children. Buy dohar online at and transform the look of your room. We offer nothing less than the best and we believe that once you use a SPACES product, you will trust us with quality.
    For weekly insights, latest product launches and tips & tricks, subscribe to our newsletter and visit our Spaces Blog.


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