SPACES Hygro Cotton Towels

Rough towels causing your skin more harm than good? Switch to SPACES Hygro Cotton Towels that get softer and loftier with each wash! #HelloSofterTowels #HelloSPACES
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#NoOtherLikeMother | SPACES

Cultural norms change over time. Does a mother’s outlook stay the same? Watch this film to find out why there’s #NoOtherLikeMother. Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day.
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SPACES Easy Stain Release Bed Sheets

Sometimes, carefree me-time can lead to a careless mishap. But don't worry, SPACES has got you covered! With our Easy Stain Release bed sheets, say bye-bye to stressful stain removing struggles. #HelloCareFreeLiving #HelloSPACES
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Shopping Home Furnishing Products Made Easy at SPACES

It is rightly said, ‘home is where the heart is’. It is an environment where people find their comfort, where individuals spend most of their time with loved ones, and where they entertain friends and guests. Hence, furnishing your home in a way that makes it reflect you and your style becomes necessary.

Exciting Range of Home Furnishing Products

SPACES brings to you a wide range of bed linen, bath products, and other home furnishing accessories to help pep up your interiors. These products make your home look beautiful and add a warm feel to it. Whether you’re looking for designer furnishing products or elegant bed linen, we have it all at SPACES. Right from floral bed sheets to quirky cushion covers, and from textured carpets to plush bath towels, we have a wide range of bed and bath linen, where you can find the perfect ones for your home.

Why Choose SPACES?

At SPACES, we like to offer you the best in quality and style. With a combination of aesthetics and innovative technology, we create premium bed and bath linen for your home. Our designs draw inspiration from nature, local and global art, the latest trends and an understanding of different styles and tastes. We are constantly coming up with innovations for your comfort, such as bed and bath linen made of Hygro cotton, which adjusts according to your body temperature and blooms after three washes, or Nanospun yarn cotton, which uses extremely fine cotton strands allowing for a higher density weave so that our products feel rich. Furthermore, we have added filters based on genre, type, size, material, etc, to help you narrow down your search and make the right choice for your home.

One step ahead in home decor!

SPACES came up with ‘Shop the Look’ and Personalize so that there could be a new way of choosing home décor and gifting options. Shop the Look features expertly crafted looks for rooms, so that people can choose what they want their room to look like and get a list of products that match and accentuate the look they chose for their rooms. ‘Personalize’ on the other hand, lets people customize products such as cushions, towels, and more by adding a picture and/or a message of their choice. Choose the right brand of bed and bath products, and your home is bound to transform into a relaxing haven. Get your hands on these fashionable and quality furnishing essentials only at

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